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Wastewater Plants Optimization
For existing purification plants the goal is to minimize the running costs and still ensure a stable system while using the existing technology and considering the influences on the quality of the wastewater. Malfunctions should be eliminated or corrected as fast as possible. 

In this process Abwasser König gives advice about purification plants of different producers. They specialize in optimizing purification plants following the SBR-System. 

For eliminating weak points and optimizing wastewater treatment plants various measures can be needed depending on the frame conditions. 

Some examples are given in the following:

- immediate actions to eliminate malfunction
- reworking of the process and plant management of the sewage treatment works
- adapting the control and regulating processes
- adapting of the systems engineering
- determine needed maintenance and monitoring work
- instructing the staff in plant management
- provide manuals for the purification plants
- reduce the volume of wastewater produced by the company
-  limiting wastewater loads through in-house measures
- improving the quality of the wastewater in terms of the operating purification plant
- hotline for the staff of the plant

Abwasseranlagen Optimierung

Sequencing Batch Reactor Technology (SBR)
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