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Wastewater treatment for direct discharge

Goal of wastewater treatment is to meet the requirements for direct discharge of the purified wastewater in water bodies. For wastewater from the food and beverage industry this usually means meeting the following critical values:

- biochemical oxygen demand in five days (BOD5) below 25mg/l
- chemical oxygen demand (COD) below 110 mg/l
- ammoniac nitrogen (NH4-N) below 10 mg/l
- nitrogen, total of ammoniac, nitrite and nitrate nitrogen (Ntot) below 18 mg/l
- phosphor, total below 2 mg/l

Depending on frame conditions Abwasser König is planning 
- aerobic (aerated) biological systems for wastewater treatment
- anaerobic biological systems in combination with aerobic systems
  for wastewater purification. 

For aerobic systems discontinuous SBR-plants, continuous processes with final sedimentation, membrane bioreactor and fixed bed plants are used. For anaerobic systems upflow reactors with grained biomass as well as fixed bed systems have proved themselves. Anaerobic systems need finishing treatment to meet the critical values for direct discharge. 

Abwasserreinigung für Direkteinleitung

Wastewater Pumps at a Sewage Treatment Plant

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