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Wastewater Consulting

Manufacturing processes in the food and beverage industry produce organically highly polluted wastewater. Depending on the volume of wastewater, effluent pollution, requirements for wastewater discharge and fee situation Abwasser König provides adapted solutions. 

One of the most important things is the analysis and evaluation of the assignment of tasks in a neutral way without being dependent on the interests of manufacturer. Because of that the techniques that are available at the market are to be used considering the frame conditions. 

When it comes to upcoming investments in the wastewater treatment, Abwasser König is your partner for planning. Your projects will be worked on extensively from basic evaluation, rough and detailed planning, approval procedure, call for bids, assignment to approval and technical documentation. 

Depending on type and size of the project as well as the clients requirements execution will be done through specialized plant manufacturer, through local already introduced installation companies or through the client himself. 

The extent of planning will be adapted to the approach wanted by the client.


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