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Wastewater Check
For optimizing costs and operations Abwasser König is offering the analysis and preliminary assessment of the company wastewater. If you are interested you can book first consultation at the Brau Beviale. 

Following a check list especially developed for food and beverage production the analysis can be realized on-site in one day. It includes water supply and use, production conditions and material input, wastewater treatment plants of the company, fee situation, waste water and polluting load, municipal and legal frame conditions as well as cooperate planning. 

Shortly after the evaluation of the results will be given in a report. It shows the need for action in the different sectors. Assignment of tasks following the analysis are for example:

- reducing the volume of wastewater and polluting load
- negotiations with the municipality to adapt the requirements, costs or fees
- adapt planned sewage works to the requirements
- examination of alternatives to in-plant wastewater treatment
- optimizing of in-plant sewage works

Abwaser Check

Wastewater Evaluation
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